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grass, rain, moles and ancient lawn mowers

I made my first attempts ever of mowing here at The Pines.  I tried while Allen was gone but could not get any of the mowers to start and took it as a sign that I was supposed to go back to my research instead of procrastinating with the very good excuse of grass cutting.  But the grass really needed to be cut and rain is approaching.  Allen got the little riding Honda going and off I went, but not after Allen appeared back out the door with a half-smile to inform me that the loud noise and all the smoke meant something was awry and I was in fact mowing away with the choke on.  He was actually pretty graceful about it and lesser men would have used it as a great opportunity to make fun of my inferior understanding of all things that run on gas.

Allen pulled out the serious mower – the kind you can attach a thing to stand on – which I can not use because my hands are too weak these days (more on that another time).  It gave me mower envy – he was moving faster – walking behind it than I was AND his tidy wide strips looked better. hmmph.  He also did not seem to be in the same cloud of dirt that I was riding along in, thanks to our massive colony of moles, as I rode over the lumpy tunnels the dirt tops would be chopped up and scattered.

Which brings me to the moles….I fully expect to come out one morning and find Allen rigging small explosives a-la-caddy shack.  Although, the moles do not seem to garner the same intense level of obsession as the black walnuts do.  There will be much more discussion about black walnuts in the fall.

So, I did what I could and must admit, I have now given up and left the rest to Allen and his super mower, but there is definitely something satisfying about cleanly cut edges and freshly mown grass, it’s like having a shirt ironed, it just looks better (I must fully disclose here that I will gladly mow but I do not iron unless attending, funerals, weddings or job interviews).

I did leave a funny little tuft on purpose – there was a small stand of rabbit tobacco, also called meadow sweet, in the yard, first time I have seen it grow on this property.  It is one of my favorites and good medicine for me, so I left it and carefully mowed around it.  But I did chuckle as I envisioned many years of me carefully mowing around plant oddities and Allen coming behind me and weed eating them….I told him this and he suggested that I use the yellow flags from the shop.